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Super Lice Fighters LLC


David & Liz Weirshousky opened the clinic after experiencing the stress and difficulty of treating lice in their own family.  “We spent hours and several hundred dollars with a local nitpicker only to be told as we were leaving that we needed to comb every single day for the next 3 weeks,” Liz said. “I broke down crying. I thought I was paying to have the problem totally taken care of – not just someone to get us started. I had to bring a better way to deal with head lice to our area!”

She discovered that better way with the AirAllé medical device. “With the AirAllé device we kill the lice and eggs with our heat treatment,” Liz said. “There is no more nightly combing. No need to use pesticides on your head. You walk out of our clinic with the peace of mind you need – knowing you are finished with head lice. And we are so sure of what we do it is guaranteed for 30 days!”