Lice Clinics of America (LCA) is committed to providing quick, non-toxic lice removal treatment to clients in Rockville, Maryland. Our patented AirAllé™ treatment is guaranteed to remove lice, and is clinically tested and proven to kill all stages of head lice by utilizing controlled heated air. This method is safe, fast and highly effective against all head lice infestations, including the most stubborn of lice.

  • Our LCA Lice Removal Services

    • Professional head check with treatment consult
    • AirAllé® is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared medical device
    • Head lice treatment by certified technicians
    • Non-toxic and guaranteed results

  • Why Choose Lice Clinics of America?

    • Knowledgeable, kind, professional staff
    • One-time treatment, no follow-up necessary
    • Kid-friendly treatment
    • Convenient hours by appointment only
    • Less than 5 minutes off 495 and less than 10 off 270
    • Bilingual English/Spanish

  • Our Guarantee

    • Full head lice and nit removal after a single LCA treatment
    • Treatments completed in about an hour*
    • We offer a 30-day guarantee (all family members must be checked and treated if they have lice)
    • AirAllé® guarantees to kill lice and 99.2% of lice eggs in an hour or less

    *Actual treatment times may vary.

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CALL (240) 766-5423

FREE head screening with treatment

Kills lice and eggs with heated air.

Effective treatment in as little as ONE HOUR.

Head Lice Removal for Rockville. Contact us today for additional information!


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