I visited Liz and was super pleased with how professional she was and the clinic was extremely clean.  They are very pleasant, honest and have a extremely kid friendly clinic.  My children were entertained with the clinic books and tablets.  Their process is very through, effective, and cost/time efficient.  Read below and you will see what I mean by HONEST.

This was our second scare with lice (first was in November 2015) prior to the Lice Clinic being open.

I had another company visit my home in November 2015 and pick lice/nits out of my kids hair and mine (yep, I received a early holiday gift…), husband is bald  and yes, he was finally thankful he didn’t have hair. The other company was very nice, but what I didn’t know was that they didn’t bring their own supplies, nor did they tell me that I had to have olive oil on hand (fortunately I did), and I had to purchase their nit picking comb too (not a huge deal, but I was never told this ahead of time).  What the other company also failed to tell me was that I would have to put olive oil on our heads NIGHTLY for the next week and comb our hair every morning, and then every other night for TWO ADDITIONAL WEEKS.  So after that nightmare, (mind you not that getting lice is anything other than a nightmare) I did my research and put this nugget about the Lice Clinic in the back of my brain.

You could say after last year I am lice phobic.  I called Liz Thursday evening after my kids bath and noticed “nits” in my daughter’s hair, and canceled all of our plans for Friday (this included a birthday celebration for my son at school, and a zoo field trip for my daughter – they weren’t too pleased with me) to visit Liz at her clinic the following day.  Guess what?  Apparently I’m a lice hypochondriac.  Apparently the white flakes in my daughters hair was actually build up of hair products (oops, I felt a little silly – but SUPER relieved) that she wasn’t washing out of her hair properly.  Liz knew I was panicked and after checking my daughters hair said “She doesn’t have nits or lice.”  She also checked my son and myself as well.  A dishonest person company could/would have just given us the treatments and that would have been that and we would have been “lice/nit free”.

Before leaving I told Liz, while it’s been a pleasure meeting and talking with you I hope not to have to see you again – under these circumstances. But, if my family does get lice again (knock on wood we don’t) you can better believe I will be calling Liz again, but I will make sure it’s not just product build up.   😉


Lice.  Nobody wants them.  However, kids do tend to get them.  And pass them around school, camp, and sleepovers.  When my long-haired daughter discovered she had these unwelcome visitors, we looked around for the quickest and most reliable way to get rid of these things.  The over-the-counter pesticides and the olive oil smothering treatments may work…eventually.  However, heat treatment is actually the fastest and most reliable way to get rid of lice–literally once and done– and this clinic offers heat treatments and is conveniently located.

This is how it works: you bring in everyone in your immediate family with hair on their head, they check everyone’s heads, and treat everyone affected.  If you do this, they guarantee the service for 30 days.  The cost for the head check is waived if the person has lice and gets the treatment.  The treatment consists of a heat treatment, a nit comb-out, and a smothering treatment to kill anything left that survived the heat. There are no toxic pesticides. You are supposed to walk out lice-free. They give you follow-up instructions (another nit-combing to remove dead nits and debris, and cleaning instructions that are nowhere near as extensive as I expected.  Lice, it turns out, don’t move much, hatch, or live long when they are not on hair).  They even give you a little lint-roller so you can clean out  clothes and car seats before driving home.  There is a free follow-up head check as well to make sure the lice are absolutely, positively gone.

The clinic is clean and all “hard” surfaces–no uncleanable nooks for bugs to get lost in.  The heat treatment was, according to my daughter, comfortable, and felt like “a shower of warm air.”  Liz, the owner, is very friendly and reassuring, and has various devices available to keep kids entertained during the process.  She is skilled at spotting lice and nits, and also at the comb-out (good for those who have long, easily-tangled hair).  In fact, going to this clinic was a pleasant experience for those of us who weren’t lousy, and wasn’t that bad for my daughter either.   The clinic also has new hair brushes for sale, which is a helpful thing if you decide just to throw out the old one.

But the best thing of all–my child walked out of that clinic lice-free and is still lice free!  2 hours of our day and a few extra loads of laundry, a little vacuuming, boil or freeze some hair accessories–pretty much everything was back to normal that very night.  I highly recommend this place; they do a great job and it really works quickly and reliably.

Note: there is not a Pokestop at the clinic, but there is one directly across Rockville Pike in the Barnes and Noble.  We stopped by that one on our way in to the followup.


Liz was so kind and comforting before, during and after treatment. The place was clean, kid friendly and while I hope no one in my family ever gets lice again, I would definitely come back to Liz.  My kids did not have any issues sitting in the chair being examined/treated, she was excellent with them. I highly recommend using this service over sitting in a chair getting nits and lice picked out your hair. This could have been a very stressful experience but Liz’s calming and understanding demeanor helped make having lice not so bad.


This was our first time with lice. I never had it as a child and neither did my husband. Our oldest who is 16 never had it either.  One day, I found out from the school nurse that my 3rd grader had lice. OMG!!  I totally freaked out, immediately ran to cvs tortured my whole family with the lice comb after treating. Then stayed up until 2am to bag up the whole house. Yay, I’m done. No!!  Come to find out from the pediatricians office and internet research that families could have this for months, yes you read right, MONTHS, if you don’t get all the nits out they can hatch again and the nightmare starts again.  I have thick curly hair and it would be impossible for me to know if I got them all out. We didn’t even know what a it was much less know what it looked like.  I could check my kids but it was torture and a constant reminder.  Pediatrician office said we should retreat one week after initial treatment. That was Valentine’s Day!!  Nice, right?  After all of that, I just couldn’t get over the fact that we may have these nasty bugs again. So, I started researching companies that would do it for me. Come to find out that other companies will come to my house and treat the whole family. Convenient, right?  NO!  After lots of questions, I was informed that I would have to put oil on all our heads at night and then comb in the morning every day for TWO WEEKS!  What?!  I kept looking.  I finally found Liz at Lice Clinics of America. She spoke to me on the phone, tried to put me at ease (it took a while I was grossed out), worked with my schedule for appts for my family. She replied to my texts promptly whenever I contacted her. Even afterwards.  We went to her place and it was clean and she was so comforting  and shared her own lice experience nightmare prior to opening her place. Turns out my two daughters and I had some nits. We had treatments which was actually relaxing. We didn’t have many nits ( she said I did a great job combing) so she didn’t comb afterwards. We went home and did it ourselves. This was a less expensive option. She said the more expensive option was unnecessary. She told us that she would guarantee no lice for 30 days and if we would like to get checked within the 30 days again it would be half price. We did take advantage of this opportunity. We have been lice free ever since meeting Liz. I do not want to ever get lice again but, if we do, we will going straight to see Liz. It was worth every penny!!!


“When I get lice again, I want to go back to Lice Clinic.” said my 10-year-old daughter. While I would totally agree, I hope we don’t have lice in the house again.:)  Liz and the Lice Clinic’s approach to lice removal was absolutely easy. After a roughly 2-hour treatment, my daughter was able to return to school the next day and go on her much anticipated school field trip. Liz was even waiting by her phone that morning to hear if she would be sent home. She wasn’t! For all the horror stories I hear about lice treatments and how they can go on and on for weeks, this was the most direct and sensible approach. Thank you Liz for making a nightmare actually somewhat pleasant.


Our 3 year old daughter came down with lice and we bought the kit, combed out her hair, and shampooed. She hated the shampooing part and we really had a difficult time in the bathtub. When she went back to day care, they found more lice!

The next day we took her to the Lice Clinic and Liz was so calm and caring. She combed out her hair, worked her magic and in less than 2 hours her hair was lice free. There was no crying or fussing. My daughter just sat down and watched the tablet. Liz was patient and kind and efficient! She also is incredibly knowledgeable about lice; I learned more than I ever wanted to know. Her clinic is nice and clean and convenient. I’m so glad I went! Hopefully my daughter will stay lice-free but it is nice to know that she is there.

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